Skatepark Advocates for our 

Hometown of Covelo.

The Round Valley

 Skatepark Project 


Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a top-quality concrete skatepark in Covelo, Ca. It is intended to be a safe, family-orientated, all-inclusive, and free-to-use sports facility that will promote a healthy, active lifestyle and improve social cohesion in our community. 

Why now?

Local skate enthusiasts have been asking for a skatepark for years! People have been asking for more healthy, local FREE youth activities. This project fits the bill!

 We are moving forward with excitement and momentum on the heals of incredible community support! 

Our Fisical Sponsors

The Friends of the Round Valley Public Library have graciously agreed to be our temporary Fiscal sponsors while we start this project. That means we have support of a local 501c3, non profit organization. We will have a safe and legal place to put our funds. Plus, can now provide our donors with a tax deductible receipt for their donations. This is an exciting step toward our goal. 

How can you help?


Support our cause by donating to our GoFundMe account. 

Click link below.

Volunteers Eileen Russell and Patricia Mera record a biweekly community radio show, Skate Date, on our local radio station KYBU 96.9 fm, promoting our project, spreading skate culture and sharing our journey to getting a skatepark in Covelo. Listen to past episode of our show Skate Date on Spotify or listen live on Fridays at 10am online at


Contact to get more information on the project